European Hip Society
European Hip Society 14th International Congress
Lille (France) ‒ 10-11 Sept. 2021

EHS Lille 2021

14th EHS International Congress

postponed to 10-11 September 2021





May 25th, 2021

SEE YOU IN LILLE ON NEXT September 2021!

Official Communication from the EHS Executive Committee


At European Hip Society, our very first wishes concern your health, and that of your family ... Our European Hip Society knows that despite the difficulties, despite the risks, we have been able to respond collectively and individually to the most important health challenge that our generation has experienced.

In such a dramatic context of sanitary crisis, our 14th EHS congress was initially postponed to the following year, and due to a new postponement, will be held in Lille on September for two days Friday 10th  and Saturday 11th , 2021, with the same congress organizer, MCI. We will keep the same convention venue as initially planned, under new technical options which will be necessary due to the health evolution at this time, and therefore a “hybrid” format, both "face-to-face" and “virtual”... We are grateful to the Industry for supporting us as they have done so with an extremely high level of confidence and we are proud of the enthusiastic support of all of the surgeons who have agreed to lead and participate in our symposia, and all of our colleagues who sent their submissions to share their hip-related knowledge and experience.

Everything that has already been done for this 14th EHS Congress will simply be renewed identically, i.e. the main programme, symposia, website, and side events. All submitted abstracts have been saved and considered for oral communications and e-posters. Our partnership with Hip Toulouse was naturally renewed and, of course, Canada remains our invited nation.

Our European Hip Society aims to provide the best knowledge on any hip-related topic. This International Congress has been highly growing in interest and is now considered the hip reference in Europe, with a very appealing program thanks to the extremely valuable participation of key hip surgeons from many countries, far beyond our boundaries. In Lille 2021, we will once again be proud to stay at the forefront of orthopedic progress, hence we look forward to welcoming each of you there.

“Bringing Orthopaedic Hip Surgeons Together”… More than ever!

On behalf of the entire Board of European Hip Society,

Faithfully yours,


Jean-Alain Epinette, M.D. - EHS President

Interview of the month

As the President of EHS, it is my pleasure and honor to welcome you again for this "new" renewal of the LILLE 2021 Web site !... Be sure this period is not a serene and straight road while preparing this Lille Meeting congress and set up a better and more attractive meeting as ever… Save the "new" date for 2021, Sept 10-11th in Lille… we need each of you!!!
Jean-Alain Epinette

From twists and turns, we are moving step by step towards this EHS congress in Lille next September ... We have been very often asked about the organization of this congress, and the conditions for its achievement. We are therefore going to title this section as "everything you need to know about the EHS 2021 congress in Lille"!

* Will this congress take place? Yes, yes, yes ... There was never any question of postponing it again, despite the health crisis. In addition, this pandemic is in the process (we can and...


More about Lille !

More about Lille ! More about Lille ! More about Lille ! More about Lille !

News in brief

Welcome back to our Lille 2021 EHS website! Save the date for our next 14th congress in Lille on Sept Friday 10 - Saturday 11th, 2021! All the details about the congress agenda and features through the "Interview of the month"
The program will be the same as previously proposed, the lecturers will be asked to confirm their participation or modify the title of their presentation …
The next EHS congress in Lille has been confirmed as HYBRID... Confirmation of accepted abstracts for oral lectures and e-posters will be sent shortly to presenters, as well as registration


What’s new on EHS Lille 2021 ?

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